At Fry Fabrications we are dedicated to using state-of-the-art technology from the initial design through production. Our on-staff industrial design team, in partnership with our sales team, will work with you to turn your concept into a three-dimensional rendering–painting a clear and accurate picture of how the piece will look when completed. Using CAD-generated software, we transfer designs to our various CNC (computer numerical controlled) instruments to create your items with precise calibration.

In our fabrications shop, we are proud to work with the highest-quality tools. From our CNC plasma cutting machines to our CNC-operated tube benders, no cost has been spared to achieve the best speed, accuracy and quality. We also have necessary components to bond, cut and form various metals and other materials.

Our in-house graphics shop contains a 60″ printer capable of creating images in any size and in most media. We use solvent-free inks to reduce our carbon footprint while still creating crisp and vibrant images, and our graphics are printed on high-quality 3M Controltac paper to ensure that the graphics on your product not only look their very best but also last.

From the initial design to the final output, Fry Fabrications works with the best software, tools and vendors available to create a product we are proud to deliver to you.