Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)2019-10-29T07:00:17+00:00
Why choose Fry Fabrications?2019-10-29T07:05:54+00:00

Fry Fabrications has been a leader in the portable bar, table and bottle service industry since 2002 and is a powerhouse in the beverage industry. Competitive pricing, quality product and impeccable service are our commitments to all of our thousands of customers worldwide. We are a manufacturing facility in Phoenix, Arizona with a fabrication shop and shipping warehouse fully staffed with talented individuals all ready to serve you. Fry Fabrications is an accredited member with the Better Business Bureau and is insured.

What materials are your products made from and what finishes are available?2019-10-29T07:04:49+00:00

Most of our products are crafted from cold-rolled steel for maximum strength, then powder coated (not to be confused with painted) for durability. Some of our products and accessories do contain elements of wood, canvas, glass, acrylics and stainless steel. Our products can be powder coated in a large variety of colors, however powder coat is not pantone based and in some circumstances cannot match an “exact” pantone color.

Are the accessories included in each product?2019-10-29T07:44:44+00:00

Yes. With bottle service or flights, the glassware keys, carafes, ice buckets, garnish bowls, etc. are included (the quantity is model-based). Our bars do include the stainless pans, stainless ice sinks, casters and bane maries (which is also model-based). Each one of our pieces can be modified to accept fewer or more accessories based on your service needs. Additional accessories are always available should you need replacements.

Do you keep a stock or inventory of your products?2019-10-29T07:45:10+00:00

Due to customer demand for customization, the majority of our products are made to order and will require varying lead time. Should you need a rush on a product, please contact us and we will do our best to work with you.

What artwork is needed to put my logo on a piece?2019-10-29T07:54:35+00:00

A vector file is needed in, preferably, an EPS format. With some printed media files, a very high resolution file may be acceptable. Should you not have a vector format of your artwork, we may be able to design around that yet an additional design fee may be applicable.

Do you provide samples?2019-10-29T07:55:51+00:00

Samples are typically not provided unless we are creating a custom piece with a high volume. We will usually charge a fee for sample production which may get credited back to the order depending on the size of the order.

Do you provide visual renderings?2019-10-29T07:58:16+00:00

We will certainly create a visual should you have an idea or concept that you are interested in creating with us. The first image is complimentary, yet several changes may warrant a design fee in which depending on the circumstances of the project, may be waived with an order. Also note that we do have the right to watermark our created images with the Fry Fabrications insignia.

What are your prices and do you offer quantity or distributor price breaks?2019-10-29T07:59:39+00:00

Although there are set base prices per piece, adjustments are made based on needs of branding, accessories and color. Quantity discounts are certainly a factor. Distributor and incentive pricing/programs are available, contact us for further information.

What payments do you accept?2019-10-29T08:00:53+00:00

We accept major credit cards, pre-paid check, or we can provide you with an application to be on terms dependent on the size of the order and quantity of the order. We do not commence production of product until at least 50% of the credit card order is approved, a check is received (and cleared) or a purchase order is received or a signature of approval is received (if you are on terms with us).

What are your shipping rates? Do you ship internationally?2019-10-29T08:02:10+00:00

We will typically send palletized product via LTL freight should the order be over 100lbs, or via standard Federal Express or UPS delivery for under 100lbs. We do ship internationally, yet the customer is responsible for all associated taxes as well as a customs broker fee. We are happy to provide you with estimate freight costs.

Are there warranties on your products?2019-10-29T08:04:03+00:00

Each one of our products carries a one-year warranty against any defects on the fabrication, coating or an accessory. Should a warranty need to be claimed, we may require a return and/or detailed photographs of the product for inspection. Should the products be damaged in freight we are ultimately not responsible, however will work with you to come to a resolution.