Cart  Cart

This cart created for Bombay Sapphire via Reisigl & Associates of Jupiter Florida was inspired from design from far eastern culture to bring a tasting experience that matches the product. This product features a steel shell with interior shelving and locking door almost completely wrapped in printed media graphics. The counter is genuine bamboo plywood and is silkscreened for the ultimate detail. Other details include bamboo stick handles (with jeweled caps) and canopy uprights, and real wooden wheels for the vintage rickshaw effect. Other feature is the displayed spice bins using real spices protected under a cnc routed acrylic removable protector.

ADT: Bench



Custom Bench  Benches

This bench was built for the ADT corporate office lobby in Florida. This all steel 360 degree seated bench is constructed with a welded steel frame, then sheet metal was added in sections to give this piece a seamless look. After the WHT247 white powder coat was added, padded cushions were then installed custom CNC routed wooden seat mounts. Finally print media makes the piece pop eloquently branding the item for everyone who sees and rests on it.

AMBHAR: Bottle Service Set


Bottle Service Set

Bottle Service Set for Ambhar  Bottle Service Set for Ambhar 2

This is one of the more elaborate bottle service sets created here at Fry Fabrications. The hours of laser cutting work on these steel pieces turns each unit into a piece of art. Custom accessories were then added (all branded of course), and then several LEDs were added to glorify the branding, bottle, and also compliments the arcs and lines of detail in each piece. The “chrome” powder coat gives each set a classy and elegant look.

REBELCART: Mobile Push Carts


Mobile Push Carts

Mobile Push Carts for Rebel Cart  Mobile Push Carts for Rebel Cart 2

Entrepreneur Chris Hallsey had the idea of creating a company called “Rebelcarts” which provide quality custom made auto detailing carts designed for today’s serious auto enthusiasts. Each cart contains a series of hinged doors and storage spacing for cleaning materials as well as a vacuum and air compressor. Even the top door has gas shocks for smoothness. Each cart sits on industrial locking casters and features assorted available powder coat colors and available options. www.rebelcarts.com

STEREO: Portable Bar


Portable bar

Portable Bar for Stereo Nightclub  Cusrtom Portable Bar for Stereo Nightclub
This bar was created for Stereo Nightclub through Diaego in Manitoba, Canada. This 7’ steel bar features custom LED illuminated ice mold trays, as well as three acrylic sections with print media and back lighting to promote both the venue and the Diaego brands. The server side of the bar has twin ice wells and shelving.