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Portable Bars: FF-PB10 -180 Bar

Like the 360 Degree bar (FF-PB09), this bar offers 180 degrees of serving area--perfect for placement against a building or back-drop setting. Contains 3 pieces with a 36 inch stainless sink in the center piece.

Material: 100% Steel Construction for maximum durability
Dimensions: 137" x 68.5" x 48.5"
3 separate connectable bar configurations
180 degrees of available branding visibility
Included: 36" stainless sink
12 total industrial locking, ball-bearing wheels allows for mobility and easy of storage
Available in a variety of colors and branding options

All of our portable bars can be completely customized including custom dimensions, accessories, colors, lighting, and branding.

Contact us for more information at: sales@fryfab.com  

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